• Nah Yeah...Maybe

    Love it, I'm in to nah, I don't reckon it's a goer.  That's been the range of reactions this past week from the dozen or so brewshop owners I've talked with about Beerskins' new affiliate program.

    The Beerskins affiliate program rewards partners when their customers buy Beerskins homebrew labels.  There's no outlay, the shop can either hand out cards directly to customers or simply link to Beerskins.com.au from their website for a share of any resulting orders.

    Of the guys I spoke with, they were about evenly split between a few yeps, a few nyahs and a few nah yeah...maybes.  Pretty fair result for first crack I reckon.  And no matter what the response, all were happy to have a chat and share their thoughts with some random pitching them from out of the blue.  What a chilled out industry.  I swear my calls woke a couple of them from afternoon nap.

    No one likes cold calling, it's just shit.  But sometimes you have to JFDI.  It's like getting in a cold pool, don't stand there think about it, just jump in and it soon feels ok.  But it does help when your brewshop prospects have just possibly been sampling their own wares.

    I'm spending the next week in Manila, visiting call centres operated by my "day job" employer.  I'll do so with new appreciation of what it takes to be the guy on the other end of a phone call you didn't ask for.

    If you're interested in being a Beerskins affiliate, drop me a line at jamiestockham@beerskins.com.au.  You don't have to own a homebrew shop, although it would certainly help if you know a few home brewers.

    PS - I'm writing this from the Illawarra Brewery, handily located just outside WIN stadium in Wollongong while waiting for the Dragons to play the Melbourne Storm.  Big ups to the Rust Amber Ale (a very hoppy amber) and the Dark IPA (why aren't there more of these?).

    You might have noticed I've not posted much (ok, anything) about the Dragons this season.  There's a reason.  But I'm feeling good about tonight, it's time to start our mid-season charge up the table!  Or perhaps it's just the IPA talking.  Nah yeah...maybe.


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